Keynote Presentations

Dr. Marks is one of the country’s most dynamic and innovative speakers. His highly interactive presentations include real-time audience polling, music, and video clips, as well asĀ mnemonics to assist with memorization of key information. He leaves his audiencesĀ inspired, motivated and informed. Topics include, but are not limited to the following:

The Psychology of African Americans
  • The Psychology of Young Black males
  • Factors that Enhance the Academic Achievement of Black Males in College
  • The Experience of Black Males at Historically Black and Predominantly White Colleges and Universities
  • The Black Family: Strengths and Challenges
  • African American Religion and Spirituality
Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Recruiting and Retaining Males of Color in STEM
  • The African Origins of STEM

Dr. Marks has developed cutting edge presentations that utilize STEM-based concepts and everyday technology to teach leadership skills, habits of success, and positive attitudes and behavior. He first teaches the STEM concepts and then uses them as analogies for personal growth and development. Examples include:

  • Using the characteristics of a cell phone to teach 6 key principles of success
  • Using the science/technology of behind wireless headphones to teach communication skills
  • Using prime and composite numbers to teach the importance of team solidarity rather than division
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